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Phylicia Thomas

Look out fashion world!  Eighteen-year-old Phylicia Thomas is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science in Apparel, Design and Merchandising, with an emphasis in design. She is currently a sophomore at San Francisco State University in California.   Selecting a major can be a difficult process for some students.  This young lady found a way to take something she enjoys and translate that into a future career. 

She says, “the passion to design and illustrate my creativity has always been inside of me, so when I was introduced to the Fashion Network Association on campus, I could not fight the urge to take the first step towards expressing my creativity by applying to the major.” 

Phylicia would like to use her degree to be an entrepreneur someday.  Perhaps owning some bridal boutiques that are specifically marketed towards plus size and curvy women.   She says, “I mainly decided to do this because there are not that many companies that specifically market towards these types of women, which is reflected through their few, unappealing products for these women.”

Since going away to college Phylicia has learned that her parents, siblings, educators, and others who care for her were able to  tell her what she should be like, but they could not tell her who to be. She says, “life is too short for you to rely on others to dictate YOUR future, which is what I was doing. It is time for me to grow up and follow my heart while I am young, and decide if what I’m doing is right for me.”  Sounds like this young lady is turning the knowledge she has received all these years into wisdom to make sound decisions.

Phylicia has also learned that having a strong Christian foundation before going to college was very important.  It was more difficult to make it to church on Sunday mornings with the stress from school—essays, midterms, finals.  It was also hard adjusting to a new demanding schedule, which influenced her lack of participation in organizations on campus as well.  However, she says, “I can’t always make it to church like I do when I’m at home, but I was blessed enough to find Christian friends who are similar to me, and we make an effort to go to church with each other when we can.

My relationship with God, however, is far from dependent on them. Thankfully I already built a personal relationship with God before college and it only strengthened over my first year. I have greater faith and trust in the Lord.” Phylicia is another shining example of how the seeds of faith that are planted in our children early in life can grow and flourish as they become adults. When asked who she looks up to or gains encouragement from, this young lady is quick to respond.  She has four amazing sisters and says they are definitely all  both her mentors and role models.

Phylicia Thomas is a young lady with a promising future.  She is  hard working, intelligent and kind.  She will no doubt achieve her goals and inspire others to do the same.   She says, “my advice to those coming after me is trust in God and know who you are.  Do not be afraid to chase after your own dreams, because when God is in the center of your heart, He will always take care of you.”   With that attitude Phylicia will surely realize her dreams for the future, which is to be happy and confident in all of her endeavors.