Samuel Houston

Samuel (Sam) Houston is entering his third year of college as a transfer student to Texas College in Tyler, Texas.  For the past two years he has made a name for himself playing football at the San Joaquin Delta College, in Stockton, California.  He is majoring in Criminal Justice and plans to work as a detective for the FBI or some other law enforcement agency. Before beginning his law enforcement career, Sam hopes to play in the National Football League.

As a college student, this young man has learned that growing up is not always easy.  He says, "There are times now when there is no one to tell me what to do and when to do it, so I've had to learn to take care of business.  Making decisions and getting things done on my own is preparing me to be an adult."  Sam has discovered that stepping out on his own means there's no getting away from things like paying bills and meeting deadlines.  He has risen to the challenge and as a result is moving forward toward his academic and career goals.  Everything he has learned over the past two years will help him as he prepares to leave his home town and "really" be on his one for the first time.  Sam knows that no matter where he goes, God is with him and he is ready for this new adventure.

Sam's advise to recent high school graduates is to know that college will be hard sometimes, but he encourages them to stay focused.  He says, "it's important to have fun and enjoy the college experience, but also to work hard and remember why you're there – to get an education."  

As a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Sam has learned to rely on God and trust him with his future.  As a high school student this young man had a promising future and high hopes of going to a Division One school.  When that didn't happen and his faith was shaken, it was his Pastor's sermons that helped him remember that God is on his side.  He now understands that going to a Junior College helped him mature emotionally and spiritually.  He says, "God helped me have more faith.  I know He's in charge and He's got my back."  Sam knows that when ever he feels down or discouraged that's the "best" time to come to church.

Sam will be leaving his parents and two older siblings when he goes to Texas College.  He knows it will be hard with no family or friends and that he will really have to rely on God.  He is excited about his future and looking forward to this new opportunity.  He says, "the football programs and the fans are 'insane' in Texas.  It should be a lot of fun."

When a child has been raised and taught to trust God they are well equipped to face life's challenges.  Samuel Houston has a bright future and we pray that he will continue to put his faith in God where ever life leads him.

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