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Stephanie Lindsey

Stephanie Lindsey is a 20-year in her old third year at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton California. Her major is Communications and she is expecting to graduate from Delta College this spring with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.  She is a member of the NAACP. She was also first runner up in the Mr. and Ms. Stockton Christian Teen Competition. 

Communications is the major Stephanie chose because of the wide variety of careers that applied to this field. For example she can go into broad casting, entertainment, or journalism just to name a few. 

The most important thing this young lady has learned, especially since starting college, is if you don’t put God first in every aspect of your life it makes everything so much harder.  Stephanie has also learned how to effectively manage her time, which she believes is an important life skill to possess.  This is a skill she gets to put to good use as she faces her greatest challenge right now, juggling 9 classes! 

Stephanie believes that her relationship with God has changed tremendously since starting school.  She says, “I learned that God truly has to come first, before school or family or friends. He has to be number one.  I could have saved a lot of heartache and not made a whole lot of mistakes if I had of just put Him first. The good part is that I know this now and I don’t do anything without asking God what He thinks first. My relationship with God has and continues to grow everyday. My faith has definitely increased more in the past three years. ”   

The opportunity to serve God has always been available for Stephanie, even though she admits that she hasn’t always followed through.  This young lady knows that whether she’s at church every Sunday or just once a month she has opportunities everyday to be of service to God. 

In the short term, Stephanie’s dreams for the future would be to graduate from Delta College with her AA degree.  For the long term she wants to continue on to a university and pursue her BA degree and eventually a masters degree in communications. 

When asked to encourage future college bound students, Stephanie said, “Don’t give up and don’t loose faith. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and before you make any decisions pray first. College can be very difficult, at times, but it’s not impossible.”  That’s good advice for college students and all of us! 

Stephanie says her number one mentor is of course God.  She also has a lot of encouraging people in her life.  Including a supportive family as well as friends and a very supportive church family.

This young lady has learned at a young age the importance of keeping God first in her life.  That wisdom will serve her well as she pursues her education and in her everyday life.